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Furaka Furniture: Specializing in the production of outdoor furniture

Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

Currently, many families have the tendency to use outdoor furniture. The development of the economy is the main reason for this trend. When people’s income has increased, many families have been able to build a spacious garden for their house. Therefore, they want to seek the furniture to decorate the space in front of their house to relax after a tiring day of work.

Outdoor Furniture

One of the reputable outdoor furniture suppliers is Furaka Furniture – a company specializing in providing prestigious furniture products in Vietnam.

Furaka – Furniture Manufacturer in Vietnam

Furaka, a company specializing in the production of furniture for export, is well-known for its top quality and care services. The company specializes in providing a variety of interior products with many different materials, especially furniture made from natural wood.

Furniture products such as tables, chairs, cabinets, and racks can be placed in various places, namely working corners, corporate offices, bedrooms, living rooms,…

Most of their products are designed with extremely meticulous and detailed wood grain, extremely elegant design colors suitable for many different living spaces.

Furniture products such as tables, chairs, cabinets, racks can be placed in various places, namely working corners, corporate offices, bedrooms, living rooms,…

Furaka specializes in manufacturing outdoor furniture

The outdoor furniture products at Furaka are interior items that are carefully and meticulously selected. The top criteria of these items is outstanding durability to be able to withstand the seasonal changes of the climate in Vietnam.

Furaka specializes in manufacturing outdoor furniture

Therefore, these outdoor furniture products can turn your yard area into a luxury resort with many different designs and styles. Customers can take advantage of these spaces to organize weekend parties with family or friends.

Furaka’s outstanding outdoor furniture products

Furaka, an outdoor furniture manufacturer, is regarded as a reputable, quality business address and has extremely good customer service.

When visiting Furaka, many customers have chosen the following superior furniture products:

Rocking chairs

The rocking chairs at Furaka are chosen and trusted by many families because of the smoothness and convenience they offer. This is a product chosen by many families for the elderly members. Users can place it outdoors or near the balcony to relax and rest after a tiring day of work.

he rocking chairs at Furaka are chosen and trusted by many families because of the smoothness and convenience they offer

Balcony table and chairs

Most of the apartments or houses have a private balcony. This area allows a greater movement of air inside the living space, and people often take advantage of this space to plant trees or use it for resting purposes. Therefore, balcony furniture is the perfect choice for anyone who wishes to enjoy the outside view while drinking tea.

Balcony table and chairs

Wooden benches

For those who love to decorate their homes, restaurants or cafes in a gentle and elegant style,  a wooden bench is the perfect choice for your front yard. This kind of chair makes the user’s place more aesthetic, comfortable and luxurious.

Wooden benches

Outdoor coffee table and chairs

The outdoor coffee table and chair set includes a small table and two recliner chairs. Users can place it on their front porch and enjoy a morning cup of coffee with friends or loved ones. This is a very popular design because people can experience the space just like an outside cafe. That’s why you should buy a set for yourself to transform your outdoor space.

Outdoor coffee table and chairs

Outdoor Garden Furniture sets

Outdoor garden furniture set is an important outdoor furniture item to decorate and refresh the living space for homes with large gardens. This is the ideal place for family members to gather for fun, entertainment, relaxation on weekends or every morning to strengthen their family bond.

Outdoor Garden Furniture sets

Furaka’s Strengths

There are many outdoor furniture manufacturers on the market with many different designs. Therefore, the competition of these factories is very fierce. Furaka has a strong foothold in the market thanks to the following special strengths:

Near the source of acacia wood – specialized wood for outdoor furniture production

Acacia wood is an extremely good and durable material to create outdoor furniture products to withstand various harsh weather. Furaka Furniture Manufacturing Company is a place to produce quality items made from natural and quality acacia wood. Customers can be totally confident to order our products and choose your favorite models.

Acacia wood in Vietnam

Family factory with a long tradition

To be able to create quality products, Furaka has built a modern production chain and has a long tradition passed down through generations. The types of machines that must be mentioned in this factory are:

  • CNC Funing WK-6S machine: This is an automation machine with functions based on pre-set software. These machines operate very quickly and achieve a high accuracy rate. Therefore, the wooden products created by this machine usually have almost no errors and still ensure high aesthetics.
  • Holztek PRO-700A automatic fully edge banding machine: This machine is quite special and is considered an exclusive product of Furaka because very few places can import this kind of machine. The machine has multi-function technology that can work automatically in the best way. Furaka’s products have a crisp, smooth look that’s mold-free, so customers can use our products for quite a long time.
  • KZ3 laser horizontal drilling machine: The laser horizontal drilling machine performs the function of drilling more precise and meticulous woods. For this type of machine, the drilling distance between the bits is pre-programmed, so there is almost no error in the implementation process.
  • Automatic sanding machine: Most products from the Furaka have a smooth and glossy appearance. This is because the automatic sander makes it possible to quickly remove wood debris from the surface and even out the details carefully.
CNC Router

Besides, Furaka also imports a lot of different machines and equipment to carry out the production process of outdoor furniture with quality and prestige.

Highly skilled staff

This place provides skilled staff who have many years of experience in furniture design. This is a key factor to the expected success of our factory. At Furaka, you will see a large number of workers who are also very professional and skilled. They are carefully selected people who always hold high responsibility for their work.

SGS export safety certificates

Furniture products manufactured by Furaka furniture manufacturing company are always certified with SGS safety for export to Europe and neighboring regions. Therefore, we have more confidence in the quality of service at this place, customers can make their order anywhere and the company will quickly deliver to their place in the fastest way.

SGS export safety certificates

In conclusion

Please contact Furaka outdoor furniture manufacturing company immediately for specific consultation and detailed pricing information. Customers will be extremely satisfied with the quality of service and products available here.



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