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Trending Kitchen Furniture Styles and Suppliers in Vietnam


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Each nation boasts unique climates, cultures, and topographies, leading to a diverse fusion of lifestyles and design sensibilities. This amalgamation of cultures contributes to a rich variety of captivating interior designs. In Vietnam, regional disparities have given rise to distinct kitchen interior decoration styles, tailored to individual family preferences and practicality. The subsequent article will encapsulate the prevalent trends in kitchen furniture across Vietnam.

kitchen furniture
Trending Kitchen Furniture Styles and Suppliers in Vietnam

Nordic Contemporary Vintage Aesthetics

The Nordic modern vintage style is a prevalent choice for various residential settings, including street-level houses and diverse apartments. Characterized by its subdued color palette encompassing shades like white and light brown derived from natural wood, this design seamlessly blends rustic and modern elements.

Nordic modern vintage style kitchen
This is a design that is very commonly used in street houses or different apartments.

Given the present-day lifestyle, this aesthetic holds immense appeal among younger demographics due to its airiness and seamless integration with readily available materials. In crafting Nordic-style kitchen interiors, stacked wooden slats are often employed to cultivate an expansive ambiance, even within constrained spaces. By harmonizing these elements, kitchens take on a heightened aesthetic quality, exuding brightness and sophistication.

Industrial Aesthetics in Kitchen Design

The industrial design is frequently encountered in traditional-style restaurants and dining establishments, characterized by cement wall finishes and rich, deep brown hues reminiscent of aged workshops or automotive repair spaces. This design approach imparts a distinctive, creative, and inviting atmosphere to the surroundings.

simple furniture kitchen design
This style prioritizes comfort and simplicity

Central to this style is an emphasis on comfort and uncluttered aesthetics. Within this environment, clients have the flexibility to harmonize various colors, including white, gray, black, or deep brown wood tones, with accents of yellow from metal elements. This combination yields a kitchen space that exudes strength, modernity, and a dynamic, captivating ambiance.

Coastal Kitchen Design Trend

For enthusiasts of blue hues or sea-inspired aesthetics, the coastal kitchen interior design style offers an ideal choice. Drawing inspiration from nature, this style incorporates vibrant shades of blue paired with materials like marble, lavender, and wooden or ceramic kitchen tools. These elements come together to infuse a sense of sophistication and a refreshing ambiance into your kitchen space.

Coastal Kitchen Design Trend
Perfect for ocean lovers, this is the ideal kitchen interior style

This design approach effectively invites natural light to permeate the interior, infusing it with vibrancy and lending a cheerful atmosphere to cooking activities.

Natural-inspired Interior Design Style

This interior design style captures the essence of nature within the home environment. Incorporating elements made from natural materials, the kitchen space becomes an artistic arrangement that mimics an ecosystem. Utilizing items like untreated wood and preserving their original hues, occupants craft a living space that harmoniously merges with nature. The result is a kitchen that exudes a unique and captivating design, seamlessly blending with the beauty of the natural world.

Nature-inspired kitchen style
This decor style fosters a sense of crafting a home ecosystem

Royal-style Designs

Catering to the affluent with an affinity for classical European or Greek aesthetics, the preference often leans towards a castle-inspired decor. This transformation lends an air of grandeur and opulence to the living spaces.

Royal kitchen Style designs
This style often features white, cream, yellow, moss green, black, and gray designs

The color palette typically includes whites, creams, soft yellows paired with mossy greens, blacks, or grays. These elements collectively bestow a distinct and artistic aura to the entire abode. For aficionados of the classic style, this has become a contemporary favorite and a burgeoning trend among interior design enthusiasts.

Furaka: Your Kitchen Furniture Manufacturert

Furaka stands as a reputable manufacturer and supplier of kitchen furniture, catering to the current trends and preferences of customers. Specializing in crafting furniture from natural wood, our products boast exceptional durability and longevity.

Kitchen Islands & Carts
Furaka: The kitchen furniture manufacturer & supplier

Our meticulously curated designs showcase intricate wood grain and elegant, refined colors. Primarily focusing on wooden tables and chairs, Furaka products are tailored for various settings, including bedrooms, living rooms, and corporate offices.

Proximity to Abundant Natural Wood Resources

Situated in close proximity to abundant sources of diverse natural wood, our location provides a strategic advantage. This enables us to maintain a steady supply of raw materials, ensuring the production of high-quality furniture items and a consistent stream of new releases to cater to customer demands. Your assurance of product quality is guaranteed through your experience with us.

Rooted in a Rich Family Heritage

Furaka, a prominent kitchen furniture manufacturer and supplier, boasts a deep-rooted family legacy in woodworking. Our facility is outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment and high-quality machinery that upholds this tradition, serving the paramount goal of crafting exceptional wood-based products. These advanced machines enable precise design and meticulous processing, resulting in products that exude intricate detail and accuracy.

Our machinery empowers the wood factory to produce consistent items in both quantity and quality, ensuring customer satisfaction and peace of mind. This commitment instills a sense of confidence among customers when choosing to procure products from our establishment.

Expert Craftsmanship

The artisans employed at Furaka, a leading manufacturer and supplier of kitchen furniture, are meticulously chosen for their extensive expertise and years of hands-on experience in the field. They have adeptly crafted and refined a diverse array of furniture items throughout their careers.

The items crafted within our facility consistently boast exceptional quality, structural integrity, and elevated aesthetics. This commitment ensures that our customers can confidently place orders for Furaka’s products, knowing they are investing in enduring and aesthetically pleasing furniture pieces.

SGS Export Safety Certification

With years of steadfast operation and a track record of delivering superior products, eligible for export to international markets, our company has successfully obtained the SGS export safety certification for numerous shipments. This recognition allows our furniture to access markets in Europe, Asia, and beyond.

Consequently, the reputation of Furaka, as a distinguished manufacturer and supplier of kitchen furniture, further cements itself as a cornerstone for growth and augments customer trust when selecting our offerings.

In conclusion

The aforementioned article provides an overview of contemporary kitchen interior design styles. You can explore Furaka’s offerings to select the ideal furniture for your living space’s design theme.

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