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Furaka: Established and Reputable Furniture Company in Vietnam


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Presently, furniture products are a growing market trend. As a result, numerous furniture companies have emerged in Vietnam to cater to diverse demands with various models. Notably, Furaka Furniture stands out as a well-established and respected choice among furniture consumers seeking solutions for their living spaces.

Furniture company in Vietnam
Furniture company in Vietnam

So, what distinguishes Furaka? Discover the furniture offered by Furaka through the following article.

About Furaka

Furaka, a prominent furniture company in Vietnam, is highly regarded for its quality furniture products and captivating designs. The interior pieces are meticulously crafted, showcasing intricate wood grain patterns and offering a variety of beautiful and refined colors to invigorate homeowners’ living spaces.

furniture company
Furaka – Furniture company in Vietnam

Moreover, Furaka’s products serve diverse purposes, catering to the specific needs of customers. Among the top-selling furniture items are wooden tables and chairs designed for various settings, including home offices, company workspaces, bedrooms, and living rooms.

Furniture Offerings Across the Country

Furaka’s range of furniture products now spans across all provinces and cities within the country and even extends to international markets. Customers have the convenience of purchasing quality products regardless of their location. Among Furaka’s array of domestic offerings, the following interior items stand out as favorites and are highly sought after:

Balcony Rocking Chairs for Relaxation

One of the standout products thriving within Vietnam’s furniture manufacturing is the relaxing or rocking chair. Furaka, in particular, excels in crafting these pieces with unique designs and natural wood materials that boast elegant and soothing colors. Customers confidently choose Furaka due to its diverse selection of designs and materials, all thoughtfully prepared by the design team to cater to varying customer needs.

rocking chair in Vietnam
The rocking chair is a popular product among many furniture manufacturers in Vietnam

The product’s popularity lies in its ability to provide users with a serene respite after a taxing workday. The chair’s curved legs facilitate gentle rocking, akin to a hammock, ensuring both relaxation and safety. Designed from sturdy natural woods, these chairs are capable of withstanding considerable weight. This delicate yet robust design is a testament to the skilled craftsmen’s deep experience in the wood factory.

Kitchen Dining Tables and Chairs

Dining tables and chairs hold a prominent place among Furaka’s furniture offerings, capturing the preferences of numerous customers across Vietnam. These products grace apartments, furniture stores, eateries, restaurants, hotels, and more. Businesses and individuals alike trust Furaka to produce high-quality, diverse designs in large quantities.

Dining tables and chairs in the kitchen
Dining tables and chairs are popular products at Furaka furniture manufacturer in Vietnam

The process begins with customers submitting their designs for discussion and refinement. Once approved, Furaka expertly crafts these designs using premium wood, creating durable pieces that enhance any living space. These dining sets cater to various sizes and seating capacities, from intimate two-person arrangements to larger settings. With a broad spectrum of designs, colors, and sizes, Furaka ensures all user preferences are accommodated.

Living Room Furniture Selections

The living room serves as the centerpiece of every household, a space where families gather and guests are welcomed. It holds great significance and must be adorned with meticulous care and quality furnishings to elevate the entire home’s aesthetic.

Furniture items for the living room
Wooden tables and chairs are popular for welcoming guests at homes

Families seek wooden tables and chairs from Furaka to elevate their living rooms and provide an air of luxury and sophistication. Acknowledging this demand, Furaka has designed a diverse range of living room furniture pieces, each available in various designs, sizes, and shapes for customers to choose from.

Purchasing from Furaka is a seamless process; customers need only share their ideas, requirements, and preferences, and the company guarantees to create products that align with their needs.

Outdoor Furniture Offerings

One of the hallmarks of Furaka, the esteemed furniture company in Vietnam, lies in its renowned outdoor furniture products, admired for their exceptional quality and captivating designs. Predominantly, Furaka specializes in crafting items such as tables and chairs for front gardens, outdoor café seating, balcony furniture in apartments, and more.

Outdoor furniture products
Mainly, Furaka specializes in crafting front garden tables and chairs

Given their outdoor placement, these products are exposed to direct sunlight and various environmental elements. Hence, they must exhibit attributes such as durability, heat resistance, water resistance, and termite prevention to ensure prolonged usage.

Furaka’s outdoor offerings have garnered trust from customers due to their high quality and ability to meet the aforementioned requirements. These products not only offer practical durability but also enhance aesthetics, contributing environmentally friendly hues that embellish consumers’ living spaces.

Furniture Solutions for Homestays and Motels

Renowned homestays and motels opt for furniture products curated by Furaka furniture company to embellish their spaces and allure customers. Given the substantial number of rooms at these establishments, the demand for furnishings is notably high, necessitating meticulous preparation.

Furniture products for homestay or motel
Eg: Furniture products for homestay or motel

For clients with predetermined product designs, the company expeditiously processes the requested items and promptly delivers them. Conversely, for patrons without specific design preferences, the company aids in selecting a model that aligns with their tastes. Consultations regarding style and design are conducted to ensure the final product aligns with customer desires before the design phase commences.

The production preparation timeline remains brief yet impeccable, devoid of errors. Consequently, homestays and motels can conduct business within stipulated timeframes, bolstering the company’s reputation.

Expertise in Interior Customization for Global Clients

Furaka furniture manufacturer in Vietnam has garnered an array of designs and orders from international clients hailing from the UK, Australia, USA, Japan, and more. This underscores the company’s ability to cater to diverse organizations and customers across various regions, showcasing its reputable standing and production prowess.

Furniture Manufacturer Company
Furaka has received countless designs and orders from foreign customers from the UK, Australia, USA, Japan

Each of these orders undergoes meticulous preparation, adhering to stringent product standards and the distinct requirements of individual customers. This commitment to excellence consistently leaves customers highly content and garners accolades for the products procured from this establishment.

Furaka’s Competitive Edge

Amidst the multitude of furniture manufacturers in Vietnam offering diverse customer care services, Furaka stands out as a formidable contender, drawing the preference of numerous customers. Its competitive advantage is underscored by the following key points:

Cutting-Edge Machinery for Superior Craftsmanship

In the realm of crafting fine furniture, the selection and investment in cutting-edge machinery remain of utmost importance. At Furaka, we allocate significant resources for continuous upgrades, guaranteeing an unwavering commitment to producing durable and precision-crafted products. Our machinery arsenal boasts state-of-the-art and specialized processing technologies, including:

  • A CNC wood cutting machine boasting exceptional advanced technology, featuring four distinct cutting drill heads and automated billet feeding.
  • An automatic wood edge gluing machine endowed with superior functionalities, effectively replacing manual gluing to boost work efficiency.
  • Our laser hole drilling machine operates horizontally and automatically, employing infrared rays to meticulously locate holes with utmost accuracy, thereby expediting the drilling process.
  • Our exclusive use of large Panel saws sets us apart in the industry, a testament to our dedication to quality.
  • Additionally, our diverse machinery lineup includes a 6-function gluing machine adept at corner gluing, a 45-degree no-line bevel gluing machine, and a myriad of other state-of-the-art design apparatus.

Skilled Workforce

The workforce at Furaka comprises individuals with extensive experience in the interior design industry, having contributed to the creation of a multitude of high-quality items over the years.

Their proficiency isn’t limited to just excellent skills and a professional work ethic; they also exhibit adeptness in using production equipment and machinery with exceptional speed and efficiency. This proficiency translates into swift product design, consistently meeting customer demands.

Furthermore, Furaka boasts a team of professional consultants committed to providing dedicated customer care, offering meticulous advice to assist customers in selecting their preferred and satisfying products.

Crafting a Multitude of Distinctive Furniture Pieces

Over our extensive years of operation, Furaka, as a prominent furniture manufacturer in Vietnam, has fostered collaborations with a plethora of sizable enterprises and esteemed clientele. This synergy has culminated in a diverse and captivating array of designs showcased in our product line, encompassing wooden dining tables and chairs, living room ensembles, relaxation chairs, coffee tables, and chairs, among others.

Leveraging our wealth of experience, we efficiently process and meticulously design every customer order, ensuring swift delivery within the shortest time frame. This unwavering commitment ensures that our products consistently surpass stringent quality benchmarks, aligning seamlessly with our customers’ discerning preferences.

Furaka: A Respected Veteran in the Vietnam Furniture Industry

Clients have the privilege to select Furaka, a distinguished furniture manufacturer in Vietnam, to procure exceptional wooden furniture tailored to their preferences. By engaging with us, you will receive comprehensive quotations and meticulous guidance. We assure your contentment with our attentive approach, ensuring that orders are meticulously processed and fabricated to exact specifications. Our extended warranty period and reasonable pricing underscore our commitment to enduring quality.


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