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Furaka Furniture

Vietnam Wood Furniture Manufacturer & Suppliers

Furaka is a Vietnamese furniture manufacturing company with 3 years of experience in the industry. Originally starting as a family-owned woodworking workshop, Furaka has since evolved to specialize in designing and producing high-quality furniture suitable for offices, bedrooms, living rooms, patios, and outdoor spaces.

Our products are predominantly made from acacia wood and rubberwood. With our skilled craftsmen, we pride ourselves on our ability to manufacture durable, long-lasting furniture. Quality and customer satisfaction are of the utmost importance to us as we continue to grow and expand our offerings.

Our Main

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Furaka manufactures furniture products that adhere to the exacting quality standards necessary for export to discerning markets, including the United States and Europe. Our primary objective is to craft furniture of exceptional quality, ensuring longevity as a hallmark.

Furaka offers a diverse selection of indoor furniture, meticulously crafted from acacia wood and rubberwood, all of which meet the rigorous benchmarks set by FSC and SGS standards. Our product range includes exquisite bedroom furniture, living room furniture, outdoor furniture, rocking chairs, and a variety of acacia wood creations.

These products can be branded under the Furaka name or customized with private labels through OEM arrangements. Driven by an unwavering commitment to producing furniture of unparalleled excellence and durability, Furaka endeavors to cater to markets seeking products that align with stringent quality benchmarks. Our aspiration is to extend our export reach to discerning customers in pursuit of furniture that embodies uncompromising quality.

Our Identity

Acacia Wood & Rubberwood Furniture Manufacturer & Suppliers

With a legacy steeped in expertise, we are the vanguards of crafting exquisite furniture tailored to complement living rooms, patios, and outdoor sanctuaries.

Harmony of Nature: Acacia and Rubberwood Furniture

Our creations embody the essence of nature's finest materials - predominantly crafted from the rich, warm tones of acacia wood, and the durable resilience of sustainably-sourced rubberwood. Every piece is an expression of our artisans' mastery, a testament to our unwavering commitment to provide you with furniture that exudes quality, longevity, and timeless elegance.

Acacia table
Rubberwood picnic table

Timeless Artistry: Crafted Furniture for Life's Journey

Guided by our artisans' skilled hands, each design narrates a story of precision and passion. It's our ceaseless pursuit of excellence that propels us to create pieces that resonate with both aesthetics and functionality. At Furaka, we craft not just furniture, but cherished companions that weather time and trends, becoming an integral part of your daily life.

Timeless Fusion: Blending Tradition and Modernity

At the heart of our furnishings lies a harmonious fusion of time-honored craftsmanship and modern design. By masterfully shaping the natural beauty of acacia or rubberwood, we create pieces that celebrate the enduring elegance of tradition while embodying the clean, minimalist aesthetics of today. Each meticulously crafted item is a testament to our commitment to preserving the integrity of natural materials while elevating them to new realms of sophistication. Furthermore, our furniture is finished with safe, non-toxic PU lacquer, ensuring the wellbeing of our customers. Together, these elements transform living spaces into timeless sanctuaries of refined style.

Furaka Furniture Wooker
Acacia cutting board

Artisans' Legacy: Enduring Excellence in Furniture

Our commitment goes beyond the tangible; it's embedded in every joint, every curve, and every finish. When you choose Furaka, you're not just selecting furniture – you're embracing a heritage of excellence and authenticity. Each creation bears the insignia of our artisans' dedication, a guarantee of the durability and charm that will grace your spaces for years to come.

In a world where trends evolve rapidly, Furaka stands as an unwavering symbol of enduring craftsmanship. Join us in experiencing furniture that isn’t just a purchase, but an investment in timeless allure, steadfast quality, and the artistry that defines us – Furaka, where heritage meets innovation.
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Custom Furniture Ordering Process


Design Submission

Customers initiate the process by submitting comprehensive design specifications to Furaka. These specifications include precise details on dimensions, styles, materials, and any specific requirements.


Factory Visit (Optional)

Customers are offered the opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of Furaka's production capabilities by visiting our manufacturing facility. This step provides insight into our production process, infrastructure, and overall operations.


Quality Discussion

Upon reviewing the design specifications, Furaka engages in a detailed discussion with the customer regarding product quality. This encompasses standards, testing procedures, and the overall quality assurance framework.


Price and Terms

Furaka and the customer collaborate to negotiate essential commercial aspects of the order. This includes discussions on pricing, payment terms, delivery timelines, and other relevant terms to finalize the agreement.


Sample Production

Once terms are agreed upon, Furaka proceeds to craft a sample that aligns precisely with the provided design specifications. This sample serves as a tangible representation of the final product.


Order Details Finalization

Furaka and the customer engage in meticulous discussions to finalize the specifics of the order. This includes refining details such as quantities, dimensions, color choices, materials, and any additional requirements.


Quality Inspection

In preparation for shipment, Furaka and the customer jointly conduct a comprehensive quality inspection. This step ensures that the products meet the established quality standards and adhere to the agreed-upon specifications.


Final Payment

Once the products are ready for export, the customer proceeds to make the final payment as per the mutually agreed-upon payment terms. This confirms the completion of the transaction and prepares the products for delivery.

Why Choose

Furniture Manufacturing at Furaka

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Our Expertise

Furaka is fully equipped to successfully fulfill furniture manufacturing orders from every client. With our capabilities, we ensure precise adherence to the design, quality, and timeline commitments outlined in the contract. If you're seeking a furniture manufacturer in Vietnam, don't overlook Furaka.

Factory Area

Furaka has a factory located in Bình Dương province, and has an area of 700m2 +.

Acacia Wood and Rubberwood

The furniture crafted from our durable acacia and rubberwood materials is exceptionally resilient and weatherproof.

Minimum Order

Furaka accepts customized orders with a minimum order quantity of 50 pieces.

Deadline Achievement

We consistently ensure timely order completion as committed.

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Nurtured by Favorable Policies

Our unwavering commitment to growth is complemented by robust government support in the thriving furniture export industry of Vietnam. Through advantageous tax rates on exports, our collaborative environment empowers us to uphold the pinnacle of craftsmanship and sustainability.

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