Terms and Conditions

Warranty Terms and Conditions

Furaka warranties its products and products’ parts against defects in materials or workmanship for 180 days from the original purchase date. During this period, Furaka  will repair or replace defective products or parts with new or reconditioned parts at Furaka’s discretion, without charge to the customer. 

Please note that any warranty services or questions must be accompanied by the order number from the original transaction through which the warrantied product was purchased. The order number serves as your warranty number and must be retained. Furaka will offer no warranty service without this number.

  • Shipping: Orders are shipped within 15 – 30 days.
  • Returns: Available for 30 days. No questions asked.

The warranty covers: 

  • Any defects in materials.
  • Any defects in workmanship under normal use. 
  • Receiving the product broken.
  • The paint layer is broken.

The warranty does not cover: 

  • Damage resulting from improper maintenance .
  • Damage resulting from natural disasters .
  • Theft or loss of a product.

Steps for Obtaining Warranty Service

Should you have any problems with your product, please follow these steps to obtain service: 

  • E-mail us at [email protected] 
  • Describe the issue 
  • Let us know your Contract ID 
  • Get your warranty service without sending the product back to us. You can keep it, recycle it 

Choosing to purchase our product is greatly appreciated. We have customer service representatives available to serve you at any time. So please, do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.